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Function One Entertainment
Term's and Condition's

Thank you for booking with us! We love that you have chosen us to provide the FUN to your FUNction!

Below is some booking conditions we ask you to read, If you have any problem with the conditions please call us within 24 hours of this link being sent to you so we can amend or cancel your booking, once you are happy and have understood the boring bits we ask you to complete the form and sign at the bottom to confirm.

We provide the hire of Bouncy Castles and Mobile Discos and more, We pride ourselves in giving a fun, safe and reliable service for your party or event.

No event is too big or small, whether its a small event or a large event we will always provide the same high quality level of service to ensure your event runs smoothly. Your party or event is just as important to us as it is to you!

Waivers will need to be read and the form on this page completed, you can click the buttons at the bottom of this page to see and read the relevant waivers prior to your booking, by signing at the bottom you agree to all the rules and responsibilities set out in the waiver so please read it carefully and please don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand.

(we are happy to help)


If you are booking a package with one of our venues included please ignore the following terms and conditions, you will be sent a copy of the venue terms and conditions to read through via email.

If you have booked a venue package please scroll to the bottom of this page where you will need to click and read the relevant safety waivers for your party. Once you have read them you need to complete the form at the bottom.


An electricity supply must be available within 20 metres of our equipment (If electricity required), there must also be a safe flat area for the equipment to be placed. This is the same for any type of booking with us, We reserve the right to cancel your booking if the above items are not available.

It is the responsibility of the hirer (You) to ensure the space for the items to be set up is big enough to fit them. 

If the space is not big enough when we attend you may still be liable to pay the full hire cost amount due to the loss of other bookings for that day.


Due to safety precautions and the law an inflatable will not be allowed to operate outdoors in winds of above 24mph (or less depending on the size and manufacturer recommendations), an anemometer will be provided to check the wind speed and you must do this throughout the booking especially if the wind gets worse. 


We reserve the right to cancel or change the date of the hire at short notice if the weather is deemed too dangerous for the equipment and alternative indoor space is not available i.e Storms, Lighting, Heavy Rain, Snow etc. (You will be notified if this happens and refunded any already paid money if canceled)

Our inflatable has an age limit of 15 years and under, no-one above this age is permitted to use the inflatable.

The Hirer (You) will be responsible for the inflatable and the safety of all users throughout the hire.


In the event of heavy rain during your hire we recommend you to stop use, Keep the castle inflated and cover the blower at the back with a small picnic table (Do not cover the vent) and wait for the rain to stop before drying any wet patches or bubbling with a towel and continuing use.


Disco bookings require a minimum set up of 1 hour for adult discos or for children's discos 30 minutes if requested and agreed, You (The Hirer) are responsible for ensuring the venue has the relevant music licenses required for your party or event. If your party or event is outside a clean gazebo MUST be provided even in good weather.

If you would like to cancel or move your booking we require a minimum 72 hours notice otherwise you may be liable to pay the full balance of your booking, If we arrive and you do not have the above terms in place relevant for your booking type you may still be liable to pay due to loss of work for that day.


Our giant games are made for fun but the hirer is responsible for the safety of those person(s) using the equipment.

A £20 deposit will be taken with the hire of the games and will be kept until the end of hire, this will be returned but only if all games are complete and not damaged.

Any damage to our games or loss of pieces must be reported to our staff upon collection of the equipment.

The £20 deposit will not be refunded in the event of broken or lost games or game pieces.

This will be down to our staff collecting to make any decision on deposit refunds.


Most of our services require a 50% non refundable booking fee to secure your booking.

This fee is part of the cost of our service and is non refundable due to the admin time and removal of availability for other possible bookings.

This cost will be taken off of the total cost of our services. The remaining amount is due the day before your party.

We require all payments to be made before delivery of the product or set up of our service


 Any complaints or disputes must be made within 7 days of the hire and sent to us via the email:

We would love to hear from you after your booking, please leave us a great review on our Facebook page (Function One Entertainment) and we would love to see any photos you have taken of your little ones (or big ones!) in action at your party or event, with your permission we would love to use these on our social media and website!

Thank you for choosing Function One Entertainment, we hope you have an amazing time on your party or event!

Please read the relevant waivers for your booking below and complete and sign the form to confirm you have done so.

I confirm I have read the terms and conditions and am happy to proceed with my booking.

I also confirm I have clicked and read the waiver(s) relevant to my booking and agree to the terms and conditions and disclaimer stated.

I have read and am happy to agree with the terms and conditions and any relevant waivers for my booking

Thank You!

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