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Its Time For Business


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3 Hours

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Its Time For Business

Our business day package is aimed to help those students studying business or with a keen interest in starting a business. Our Business owner Gareth Oliver will attend your school and Gareth will explain to your students How, Why and When he set up our business and cover the real life stresses and struggles he went through to make Function One Entertainment happen!

Together your students will learn what it really takes to get going and how every business is different and has different scenarios and barriers on the route to success.

Gareth will give an interactive insight into putting together our Mobile Disco and putting up our bouncy castle (Bouncy Castle depending on Weather and space) and allow some students to help.

During the session the students will be told about things to think about when starting a business and the real costs that were involved in starting our journey. This includes talking about:

Starting Costs including buying equipment and stock

Website and domain costs

Travel costs

Insurance costs

Becoming a part of an alliance and the costs involved

pros and cons of different ideas

Tracking income and expenses 


Turning a profit

Not giving up

This session is interactive with the students and has small group activities during to keep students engaged and thinking about different things and also working together as a team.

This session has been designed with the students in mind and aimed at providing relevant information to help with their studies and future in business, Gareth has worked closely with a business studies teacher to tailor this to meet the needs and requirements of students whilst sticking to the curriculum 

The session will last for 3 hours and is based on upto 30 students who will be put into groups of 5 to work together during the session.

We request tables to be arranged for the groups to sit around and pens and paper to be available for students to use.

The session is best done during the morning so the students will have lunch to come and ask any questions whilst Gareth is packing away that they did not get the chance to ask during the session.

Gareth has an enhanced DBS certificate from his voulentry work in a local youth centre and a risk assessment can be requested.

All students must follow the safety rules around the set up area and Function One Entertainment can not take any liability or responsibility for any injury or damage caused during the session.

To book or for more info please click the contact us button on this page!

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