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Our Top Party Tips!

Below are some of our top tips for planning your party or event, there are lots of things to remember so grab your notebook and write down a to do list, and follow these tips!

1) Always book your entertainment (bouncy castles, DJs etc.) as early as possible!

Booking early makes it easier to guarantee your chosen date will be available, we provide a Book Now Pay Then policy for hires meaning you can book now and pay on the day of your party or event.

2) Purchase any decorations at least 1 month before the party or event!

Purchasing them early means you are almost guaranteed they will arrive in time for the party, it also gives you a chance to check they are what you need and time to buy more if you need to, Less stress and no waiting and hoping they will arrive in time!

3) Pay for your entertainment and any other services you have booked I.e venues etc. before your party starts.

This means you are all paid up and can avoid the annoyance of people following you around at the end for payment whilst your saying goodbye to your guests or trying to tidy up, Pay early save annoyance

4) Don't forget to enjoy your hard work and get involved in your party or event! It can be so easy to make yourself busy ensuring everyone is having a good time but this comes at a cost and means you go home feeling deflated, Tired and ready for bed without enjoying or remembering your big night or day! Take 5 and don't miss out on all the fun, Get involved and look at the amazing atmosphere you have created.

5) Note pads are a must! Start off the planning process by making a list of all the things you need to organise then tick them off as you go. Don't worry if you forget some bits as you can add them on as you go! Follow our rule of 6 to help you get started!

1. Invites

2. Venue

3. Entertainment

4. Food and Refreshments

5. CAKE!

6. Decorations

We hope these tips help in planning and organising any party’s or event you are planning

Don't forget you can find us on Facebook and Instagram too! We post helpful tips and deals regularly on our social media, Head over and check them out!

We are also more than happy to offer any advice we can to anyone wanting to plan a party but not knowing where to start......

Thanks for checking us out and Good Luck! 

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